Merry Christmas - Let's Never Speak of this Year Again

by In The Daylight

Christmas wreath with typography. A simply beautiful Christmas card for a friend or loved one. 


Price includes postage to the US, UK, Australia and Europe

About the Artist

In The Daylight

In The Daylight

Jess & Rick Miles
In the Daylight is a boutique stationery range co-created by husband and wife team in Brisbane, Australia. Featuring the illustrations of Jess and the support of Rick and their Samoyed fur baby Finn, the collection celebrates the beauty of common objects. The range features original hand illustrated designs and beautifully crafted lettering inspired by the simplicity and uniqueness of everyday items. Jess' illustrations and typography combine to tell a story that sparks the imagination and delights the receiver. Innocent and refreshing, In the Daylight creates a world that is easy to lose yourself in.

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