Benefits & Features

Benefits & Features

Custom Artwork

Use your own logo and artwork to stay on-brand. Make a powerful impression with clients, team members and prospects using your own own designs. 

If you don't have your own artwork - no problem! - choose from our library of royalty-free artwork and ever-growing 8,000+ designs from our amazing community of independent artists. We'll add your logo to the back of your cards regardless of what you choose, or you can customise the entire back panel to perfectly suit your brand.

There's also no limit to the number of designs you can use or minimum order requirements. Send as many or as few cards as you need and pay as your cash flow allows - or prepay upfront to take advantage of greater discounts earlier, whatever works for your business.

Handwriting & Signatures

Send letters, cards or postcards using your own handwriting and signature to make a powerful impression with prospects and customers.

Handwriting is more personal, mindful and effective. Use one of our handwriting styles or have your own handwriting and signature converted to help make greater impact with your messages.

  • Add as many signatures as needed to personalise your cards.
  • Keep it lighthearted with our library of hand-drawn doodles.
  • All signatures and doodles are drawn to match your handwriting and pen style for maximum authenticity and impact.


Use our platform to easily create always on campaigns, allowing you to keep your engagement levels high and your workload low.

Upload a list of contacts and we'll automatically send cards out for you based on highly configurable rules that you decide. Automatically send a personalised card to arrive on an employee or customer's birthday, work anniversary or any other date that suits your needs. You can also schedule cards to arrive a certain number of days before or after a given date, allowing you to target key events such as three months after a property settlement or request feedback a week after a shipment arrives with your customer.

Alternatively, utilise our Zapier or API integrations to automatically send messages to thank customers for orders, request feedback, or follow up a meeting based on actions within your CRM or your website. Both integrations provide the ultimate flexibility to match your particular needs, and our team is always happy to discuss any integration queries you might have.

Create Measurable Success

Gauge the effectiveness of your engagement and get actionable information on which recipients are genuinely interested in what you have to say. Cardly combines personalised handwritten mail with indivdualised QR codes, giving you insight into;

  • Who scanned your QR code;
  • When they scanned it, and;
  • How many times they scanned it

Using this information you can then focus your team's follow-up efforts into those genuinely interested in your product or service, and re-target a subset of recipients later for re-engagement or further information.

Get More Out of Outreach

Gauge Interest

Make better use of your team's time and get more from your outreach and prospecting. Embed our QR codes with compelling calls to action and we'll report when someone's scanned the code, who it was, and direct them to any final link you might specify.

Focus Your Effort

Focus your team's efforts on your most interested prospects first.

Gauge Interest

See who scanned QR codes and gifts in real-time and follow up accordingly.

Analyse & Improve Outcomes

Find what works for you, improve your outreach and expand your successes.

Pricing Kept Simple

We believe in keeping things as simple as possible for our partners, including our pricing.

There's great savings available for regular senders and the price below is the price you'll pay, plus postage which varies based on the recipient's location.

1 - 49 cards
$ 3.95 AUD
per card
Save 31%
50 - 249 cards
$ 3.60 AUD
per card
Save 36%
250 - 499 cards
$ 3.30 AUD
per card
Save 40%
500 - 1999 cards
$ 3.00 AUD
per card
Save 43%
2000+ cards
$ 2.75 AUD
per card
Save 47%

All prices are inclusive of tax. Postage prices are for sends within your selected region.

If you're planning on sending more than 2,000 cards, contact us for a tailored quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I just send one card at a time?

    Yes, you will be able to send single cards on an ad-hoc basis. This is perfect for sending a thank you card to someone just after a meeting. You can also create and schedule campaigns. This is perfect for anniversary cards, birthdays and seasonal events like Christmas.

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