Business Thank You Cards

Business Thank You Cards

Retain Customers Effortlessly

Thank customers for their support with a real thank you card in the mail to build loyalty, increase repeat purchases and drive referrals.

Cardly lets you send real, personalised thank you cards and notes easily. Trigger cards and letters automatically from your CRM or eCommerce software for ongoing, hands-off relationship building. Leverage personalised cards as part of a marketing campaign to gauge interest and zero in on warm leads.

  • Maximise impact with Cardly's handwriting technology and design flexibility.
  • Foster loyalty by including a thank you with our extensive range of gift card.
  • Guide outcomes with personalised QR codes generate reviews, referrals and drive special offers.
  • Measure effectiveness with our outreach dashboards and reporting suite.

Whether you're looking to send a once-off thank you campaign or have ongoing, continuous outreach to your customers, Cardly is built to support you.

Increase Reviews & Referrals

Boost your reviews and customer referrals by turning your thank you card campaign into something more. Add a personalised QR code to your outreach to gather reviews, complete a survey, offer referral discounts and much more.

  • Boost repeat sales with unique discounts, easily accessed by scanning a QR code.
  • Build reviews and ask repeat customers for their feedback.
  • Find new customers with personalised referral incentives.

Every QR code added with Cardly provides you with reporting on who scanned your code, when they scanned it, and how many times it was scanned. Combine these with unique landing pages tailored to individual customers in your eCommerce platform to create a personalised, effective marketing campaign that can be measured with ease.

Build Loyalty With Gifts

Retain your most valuable customers and send a thanks with gift. Surprise and delight with our huge range of gift cards from major retailers such as Amazon, EBay, Uber Eats and many more - or let them choose their own!

Unlike some services, you only pay for the face value of the card - a $20 Amazon Gift Card will only cost you $20. There's also no subscription required and nothing more to pay to access our gift card range. Finally, with our transparent reporting you’ll be able to see who and when your gift cards have been redeemed.

Integrate & Automate

Connect your CRM or eCommerce platform to Cardly via our Zapier or API features. Automatically send customers thank you notes whenever a first, fifth or tenth order is placed, a lifetime value is met or a step in your sales process is reached.

  • Support for thousands of systems by connecting through through Zapier, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho and ActiveCampaign.
  • Use our powerful API to build even more complex workflows and integrate with custom platforms.
  • Send hundreds or thousands of cards effortlessly, on demand, to over 50 countries around the world.
  • Get sending quickly with in-depth documentation, examples and support from our technical team to help guide your integration build.

Leverage our integration options to capture key events and automatically send out a real thank you card in the mail - every time, without fail. Never miss an opportunity to surprise and thank a customer again and increase your retention and boost your reviews with every sale.

Thank You Cards Made Easy

Surprise and delight your customers with a handwritten, personalised thank you card. Increase reviews, improve retention and gain referrals with every order you receive.

No Minimums

No minimum order sizes, no setup fees, no subscription required. Get everything you need out of the box.

No Hidden Costs

Only pay for what you send as you need it. No pre-printing or storage costs, no fees on gift cards.

Fully Customisable

Build the perfect artwork for your cards to support your brand and create recognition with customers.

Drive Outcomes

Add personalised QR codes to request reviews or referrals, track your scans and report on outcomes.

Hand-Off Integration

Automatically trigger thank you cards with Zapier or our API integrations, ensuring you never miss a send.

Fully Supported

Get thanking customers quickly with our walkthroughs, video guides and responsive support team.

Just Some Of The Companies We've Worked With...

Pricing Kept Simple

Tailored For Growth

1 - 49 cards

$3.95 AUD per card

Save 31%
50 - 249 cards

$3.60 AUD per card

Save 36%
250 - 499 cards

$3.30 AUD per card

Save 40%
500 - 1999 cards

$3.00 AUD per card

Save 43%
2000+ cards

$2.75 AUD per card

Save 47%

All prices are inclusive of tax. Postage prices are for sends within your selected region.

If you're planning on sending more than 2,000 cards, contact us for a tailored quote.

Saved so Much Time, Money & Tears

Prior to using Cardly's services, we would get our assistants to handwrite each individual birthday, Christmas & settlement card for all of our clients.

Since having Cardly to do all the legwork for us, we have saved so much time, money & tears in still making our clients feel so incredibly special by sending them these personalised cards!

We could not imagine our business without Cardly and hope we never have to!

Brooke Whyte
Future Finance

Beats the Competition

The quality of the card is top-notch. The back-end user system is easy to use and tracks everything. I can see when a card is going out and set up an automation in a matter of minutes.

I was using another online card service before switching and I've told all my friends to switch! I've saved myself time and money using Cardly.

Lisa Dempsey
Forgotten Wishes Foundation

Thanks for the Service

We had a 10% response, which equaled a 5.4x ROI. This was a great result, given that it was sent to a group we had already sent a postcard to last year.

So for a second campaign, it went very well.

We're looking forward to trying it with the rest of our database.

Peter Meredith