Direct API Integration

Direct API Integration

Custom API Integrations

For more advanced integrations, Cardly offers a full API to all of our core features. Automate sending cards directly from your own CRM or eCommerce package, or build out custom workflows within your platform to leverage the power of physical outreach.

Our API is fully documented with examples to help you get up and running faster and used by companies across a wide range of industries, from worldwide charities to local eCommerce businesses. We're constantly adding new features and improving existing ones to provide the easiest, fastest integration possible.

Customise Your Integration

Tailored To You

Our API provides you with all the tools you need to add artwork, manage contacts, preview output and send cards on demand. You can also be sure of orders only being placed once by using idempotent requests, and you're in full control of API keys at all times.

Fully Documented

We're all about making this easy. All API requests are fully documented with examples.

Quick Integration

We've kept authentication easy and calls simple, so you can get going faster.

Highly Flexible

From custom artwork for each job to bulk sending, we can do it all.

Constantly Expanding

We're constantly adding new features and expanding existing calls.

Superior Management

Manage your API keys and view all requests made via your business portal.

Built for Scale

With 99.99+ uptime and scalable infrastructure, we're ready to meet demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a cost to use the API?

    Our API is completely free for business customers to use! The only cost comes from actually sending cards, which is handled via prepaid credit on your business account.

    There's absolutely no charge based on the number of API calls made, regardless of what that number might be. Some more advanced features might have costs or limits associated with them - such as our address validation features - however you'll see these detailed within your account.

  • How to I ensure automations keep working?

    For any automations - regardless of whether they use the API directly or integrate via Zapier or another one of our provided connectors - your account can be set up to automatically top up when your credit gets low. Simply save a credit card against your business account, select your desired topup amount and your sends should remain uninterrupted as long as we can charge that card.

    We'll send you alerts when your credit is getting low, as well as if we can't complete an automatic topup for whatever reason.

  • How do I get started?

    Simply create a business account, then once you're logged in navigate to Settings > API Keys. From here you can create and revoke keys as needed so you're in complete control of your account at all times.

    You'll also be able to see statistics on the number of test and live requests through each of your keys, as well as review the requests you're making and the responses provided to assist with debugging and traceability. We're constantly expanding API and developer support, so if you have any suggestions on how we can make your dev team's lives easier, please get in touch!

Saved So Much Time, Money & Tears

Prior to using Cardly's services, we would get our assistants to handwrite each individual birthday, Christmas & settlement card for all of our clients.

Since having Cardly to do all the legwork for us, we have saved so much time, money & tears in still making our clients feel so incredibly special by sending them these personalised cards!

We could not imagine our business without Cardly and hope we never have to!

Brooke Whyte
Future Finance

Incredibly Well Received

Our team was able to organise an initiative called "Cards of Appreciation", wherein Googlers could send physical cards to someone that provided them support or guidance during what was a difficult year.

Cardly was incredibly well received by the team, with individuals sending cards to colleagues, mentors, friends and family all around the world.

The Google Cloud Culture Club is grateful for Cardly providing the platform to deliver this thoughtful initiative, and look forward to continuing to use Cardly in future.

Karen Zhang
Google Cloud

Excellent Service & Great Support

We have recently been working with Cardly to produce and send birthday cards to our employees, they have provided us with excellence service and are always on hand whatever time of the day to help and support us.

With IT not being my strong point they even emailed bespoke tutorials to help me!

We have received great feedback from our employees too, thank you Cardly!

Louise Lawson-Hatch