Automate with Zapier

Automate with Zapier

Connect With Zapier

Using Zapier, it is easy to integrate Cardly into the applications that you already use and send personalised cards, letters and postcards as part of your automated flows.

To get started, you'll first need to create a Cardly account. Then you'll be able to connect Cardly with thousands of popular CRMs, Marketing Automation and software tools.

To check if your solution is supported visit Zapier and search for your application and what triggers already exist.

Workflows Tailored For You

Maximise Flexibility

Zapier is a no code solution that allows you to integrate Cardly with your existing web applications and automate workflows. For example, if you add a new client you could have a welcome card automatically triggered. Or if you close a job a thank you card and review request card could be triggered. 

Built For Zapier

With an integration tailored to Zapier, you'll be off and running faster.

Fast and Effective Setup

Set up and test your integration, then set and forget and enjoy the benefits.

Leverage Existing Workflows

Add steps to existing workflows and get sending without re-inventing the wheel.

Simple Configuration

No need to read complex documentation - everything is explained step by step.

Save Time & Money

Automation with Zapier removes the need for technical staff, getting you set up with minimal effort.

Scales With You

Zapier is built for scale - from a few sends a week to hundreds a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it cost extra to use Zapier?

    There is no extra charge to connect Cardly to Zapier.

    Zapier has a range of pricing tiers, but is free if you are using it to perform less than 100 tasks a month. To find out more visit

  • How do I check if my CRM is supported?

    To get started we recommend you check that your CRM or Marketing Automation has a Zapier integration and that they have the triggers available to support when you want a card, letter or postcard automatically sent.

    Visit to search.

    If you need any help you setting up Zapier please contact and our friendly support team will assist.

  • How do I connect Cardly to Zapier?

    Once you have a Cardly business account you'll be able to enter the same credentials to connect with Zapier. 

    Once Cardly and Zapier are connected will allow you to see the artwork and templates you have configured inside Cardly and connect them to the triggers and information in your CRM.

    If you need any help you setting up Zapier please contact and our friendly support team will assist.

Saved So Much Time, Money & Tears

Prior to using Cardly's services, we would get our assistants to handwrite each individual birthday, Christmas & settlement card for all of our clients.

Since having Cardly to do all the legwork for us, we have saved so much time, money & tears in still making our clients feel so incredibly special by sending them these personalised cards!

We could not imagine our business without Cardly and hope we never have to!

Brooke Whyte
Future Finance

Incredibly Well Received

Our team was able to organise an initiative called "Cards of Appreciation", wherein Googlers could send physical cards to someone that provided them support or guidance during what was a difficult year.

Cardly was incredibly well received by the team, with individuals sending cards to colleagues, mentors, friends and family all around the world.

The Google Cloud Culture Club is grateful for Cardly providing the platform to deliver this thoughtful initiative, and look forward to continuing to use Cardly in future.

Karen Zhang
Google Cloud

Excellent Service & Great Support

We have recently been working with Cardly to produce and send birthday cards to our employees, they have provided us with excellence service and are always on hand whatever time of the day to help and support us.

With IT not being my strong point they even emailed bespoke tutorials to help me!

We have received great feedback from our employees too, thank you Cardly!

Louise Lawson-Hatch