Handwriting & Signatures At Scale

Handwriting & Signatures At Scale

Make An Impact

Handwritten mail creates an impact that's hard to ignore. With the average American household receiving around 10 handwritten piece of mail in an entire year, it's easy to see how personalised, handwritten mail can help get you noticed.

  • See open rates in excess of 90% and create a lasting impact.
  • Stand out with premium envelopes and real stamps.
  • Add personal signatures to actual handwriting samples to create highly personalised mail at scale in no time.
  • Send locally or around the world with our production sites in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Cardly's unique platform helps you create handwritten mail that emulates the nuance and imperfections of real writing - all sampled from actual people. Combined with addresses that appear handwritten on premium quality kraft envelopes with real stamps and you have mail that's almost guaranteed to be opened.

Tailored, Personalised Mail

Increase engagement, generate more leads and better outcomes by using your own handwriting for all your personalised mail.

Cardly can convert your handwriting for use in our platform across all your cards and letters. Whether it's for a single card, regular automated sends or one big holiday card campaign, add your own unique flair and really make your cards stand out from the rest;

  • Customise pen colour and size to ensure your message fits your card or letter as needed.
  • Tweak the neatness of your writing, from perfection to extra messy to match your unique style.
  • Maximise impact with different styles from other team members where needed.

Your final product looks just as though you (or your team!) had written it yourself, complete with all of the inconsistencies of real writing - without the hand cramps and lost time!

Signed By You

Add an extra personal touch with your signature on your cards and letters. Match the pen style to your writing, or add signatures from multiple team members in different styles to create truly authentic outreach from your company.

Not only will your cards look amazing, you'll save countless hours of hand-signing traditional cards from the team - or avoid poorly scanned imitations ruining your campaign.

Handwritten Power At Scale

Create amazing handwritten outreach in less time with minimal setup and no hidden costs. Leverage our unique algorithmic approach to handwriting to send hundreds or thousands of pieces of personalised mail tailored to your recipient in no time at all.

Authentic Handwriting

Handwriting captured from real people, then enhanced by our platform to emulate the inconsistency of real mail.

Fits Your Workflow

Send in bulk all at once, schedule in advance, or send on-demand with our integration options.

No Minimums, No Hidden Costs

Pay only for what you need, with pricing that scales with your growth. No hidden fees or minimum usage costs.

Global Reach

Made locally in the US, UK, Canada and Australia and sent to 50+ countries around the world.

Easily Automated

Sync contacts with your external CRM or HR systems and take advantage of our powerful automation features.

Fully Supported

Start sending cards around the world quickly with our walkthroughs, video guides and responsive support team.

Just Some Of The Companies We've Worked With...

Pricing Kept Simple

Tailored For Growth

1 - 49 cards

$3.95 AUD per card

Save 31%
50 - 249 cards

$3.60 AUD per card

Save 36%
250 - 499 cards

$3.30 AUD per card

Save 40%
500 - 1999 cards

$3.00 AUD per card

Save 43%
2000+ cards

$2.75 AUD per card

Save 47%

All prices are inclusive of tax. Postage prices are for sends within your selected region.

If you're planning on sending more than 2,000 cards, contact us for a tailored quote.