Wish You Were On My Quaranteam

by Tiny Bee

We're all missing some important people right now, and greeting cards are the perfect way to stay social even during the quarantine. A card can mean so much to someone! Let them know you wish they were on your quaranTEAM with this cute froggie card. Perfect for a significant other, friend, or family member.


Price includes postage to the US, UK, Australia and Europe

About the Artist

Tiny Bee

Tiny Bee

Alexis Rawlins
Hello! I’m a designer and illustrator in Los Angeles. I’m inspired by nature, animals, graphic design and silliness. My card designs started with one otter card I made for my husband and he loved the card so much that he encouraged me to make more, so I did! When I’m not drawing, painting or designing, I’m usually hiking, traveling, exploring L.A., or reading a book with a good cup of coffee.

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