Case Study - Christmas Cards with Impact

Case Study - Christmas Cards with Impact

Swytch, a fast-growing and innovative start-up in the eBike industry, used Cardly to distribute business Christmas cards to their crowd-funding backers. After opening the handwritten and stamped envelope, 35% of recipients engaged with their card by scanning a QR code and stunned the team at Swytch with an extraordinary level of interest.

Here's how Cardly did it.

Meet Swytch

Swytch is a London-based business and a significant player in the market for electric bikes, or eBikes, as they are commonly known. Swytch produces the world’s smallest and lightest eBike conversion kit. Founded by Oliver Montague and Dmitro Khroma in 2017, their success with crowd-funding over two generations of product innovation has led to Swytch accounting for 1 in every 20 eBike sales in the UK and over 60,000 internationally; they're just getting started.

Swytch had been developing a brand new iteration of their ground-breaking eBike battery. At Christmas, they approached Cardly to send a holiday greeting card to every crowd-funding backer, wishing them well and dropping the first glimpse of their lightest, slimmest e-bike battery yet.

The Campaign

The campaign's goal was to reconnect with a community that had previously engaged with the brand through crowd-funding. It was a clever idea to pair a seasonal greeting with a sneak peek at a new and exciting product release.

Swytch chose Cardly's online card customisation platform to create and send their Christmas card campaign. They made their artwork and used Cardly's custom artwork upload functionality to create a card that displayed an image of the new product in life-size. The card was designed to match the shape of the new eBike battery. Included in the design was a QR code linking to their website with more information about the new product. Cardly sent the cards to their customers in a handwritten envelope with an actual postage stamp; this small aspect significantly impacts engagement for the better.

What happened next far exceeded their expectations.
Cardly made it easy for our team to create and send our Christmas campaign. We uploaded our custom artwork, defined our audience, and measured our success using the QR code on each card. Cardly was there with expert guidance and support at every step of the process.
- Alex Dernie, Swytch

The Results

Swytch was thrilled when over 35% of their previous customers scanned the QR code to check out the new product; over one-third of their backers engaged with the card! As a result, they created a new ground-swell of interest in their brand and products while revisiting warm customer relationships they had developed along the way.

Using the QR code was a master stroke; Swytch could identify which customers were interested to hear more based on whether they scanned the code. They could see who opened the link, when and how many times. This valuable information allowed them to connect with people keen to learn more about their new product through additional channels. Knowing whom to communicate with saved their business money by helping them market to those that have already shown interest.

Cardly Made it Possible

The team at Cardly worked closely with Swytch to create a meaningful and effective campaign that produced incredible results. Cardly timed the Christmas campaign well with a heartfelt message and a clever, exciting, non-pushy product announcement. They fostered Swytch's existing relationships and placed value on their customer community. They helped Swytch leverage creative design to make their announcement unmissable and highly intriguing. Cardly's QR codes provided valuable insight into the success of their campaign and created an audience for future marketing. Cardly leveraged the power of physical mail and returned a remarkable result.

Swytch is developing a great product that's working wonders for everyday commuters and our natural environment. What fantastic idea or product could you be reaching people with using Cardly?

We were blown away by the results and engagement we received; it was encouraging to know how many people were keen to learn more about our new pocket-sized eBike battery and support our mission to make electric transport truly affordable.
- Alex Dernie, Swytch

Using Cardly This Holiday Season

Christmas is an excellent time to reach new and previous customers with genuine warm wishes and meaningful offers. Sending a physical card is a memorable gesture and, as we saw in Swytch's story, comes with a high potential for customer engagement. Even [Millenials]( enjoy receiving printed mail!

Cardly makes it easy to create and send a Christmas card campaign to your audiences in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Europe and the United States.

Using our online card personalisation system, you can select from a vast library of beautiful cards, customise your greeting to be printed in life-like handwriting, prepare an audience and leave the rest to us. We print and mail-out cards locally, ensuring they arrive swiftly, with most going out the same day.

Cardly makes it easy to assess the engagement of a campaign using our QR codes. These now standard codes can link to your website, social media, landing page or other URL, allowing you to meet your customers online and see who scanned your card and when. For those interested in metrics, these data points can be used to determine the return on investment, engagement and other key figures.

This method can be adapted for any audience and industry, so why not send a holiday campaign for your business this year with Cardly?

How to Get Started

First, create an account with Cardly. Then, create a business profile. After that, our online platform will help you select a card or upload your custom artwork. You'll be able to add a custom message to your card and a QR code if you wish. Loading your audience is easy with the ability to upload spreadsheets with customer information. Once you've done that, you're ready to send your first Christmas campaign with Cardly!

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