Sending Valentine’s Cards in the UK

Sending Valentine’s Cards in the UK

February isn't far away, which means neither is Valentine's Day. Celebrated by tens of millions worldwide, Valentine's Day has become synonymous with love letters, unique cards and gifts, fancy dates - and even proposals! Some even wait until Valentine's Day to get married, particularly in the Philippines, where thousands of couples have marked their nuptials in mass wedding ceremonies.

While that may seem incredible, Valentine's Day has become an important occasion to share kind words and memorable moments with those you love. Leading the way when it comes to sending cards is the United Kingdom, where more Valentine’s Day cards are bought and sent each year than anywhere else on earth.

But what should you write in a Valentine’s card?

How to Write a Personalised Valentine's Day Card

It’s not easy to know where to start or what to write to create a great card for your Valentine. As a starting point, consider the following;

  • Speak from the heart: Consider the most meaningful and genuine thing to say to your loved one. A short message can be incredibly special if it's heartfelt.
  • Be thoughtful: remember that Valentine's Day can mean more to some than others, so don't discount the importance of Valentine's Day to your recipient.
  • Be personal: Select a card that will appeal to the person you are sending it to; consider their interests, sense of humour, style, interests, hobbies or defining characteristics.
  • Be generous: Consider including a gift card from one of Cardly’s many retailers on offer. It's a great opportunity to spoil your special someone.
  • Be prepared: Don't wait until the last minute and write your message in a rush. Taking your time and thinking it through assures you say what you want.

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine's Day?

The origins of Valentine's Day are unclear at best, but there is no shortage of theories. The most common is that Valentine’s Day named in honour of one or several Christian martyrs who various Roman emperors killed for multiple reasons upon February 14th. It’s rumored that one of the martyrs - Saint Valentine of Terni - may have been conducting marriages for young Roman soldiers to prevent them from being sent off to war.

More than 200 years later, in an effort to stamp out paganism, the Catholic Church proclaimed February 14th as St. Valentine’s Day. This took the place of a pagan fertility ritual, with the St. Valentine’s feast day taking its place in the Catholic Calendar of Saints.

By the 1800s, cards were being commercially produced in the United States and were primarily popularised by Hallmark, after which Valentine's was permanently etched into the annual calendar.

Fast forward to today, where over 18 million Valentine's cards are sent each year to mark the occasion in the UK. Sending a card in the UK has become near compulsory in some ways, given that one can send a card to family members, parents, partners, spouses, children or a host of other relations.

While we don't know for sure where Valentine's Day came from, Cardly is here to help you write and send beautiful, personalised Valentine’s Day cards to friends and loved ones. Cardly makes it easy to send Valentine's cards with a custom handwritten message and envelope, an actual stamp and prompt delivery across the UK and Europe.

I have sent a lot of cards with Cardly and every time, it has been a great lifesaver for me. I have bad handwriting, often mess up what I am writing as my brain and hand forget to communicate during the process, and to top it off, I live in the sticks where mail service is slower and there is no where to buy a nice card. Cardly really takes the stress out of keeping in touch with loved ones, especially friends who live in different countries. It's so reasonably priced compared to cards in the store that I'm about to purchase a 10 pack. And I can schedule things ahead so I never miss my mother-in-law's birthday again :)
- Stace, US

Sending Personalised Valentine’s Day Cards

Cardly is the best way to design and send a personalised card for Valentine's Day. Choose from thousands of incredible designs from independent artists to get started. Create a personal message using a variety of unique handwriting styles and include a gift card to one of hundreds of retailers to make your Valentine feel really special.

We’ll print and send your card in a beautiful kraft envelope, add a real stamp and deliver it anywhere in the UK, Europe, United States, Canada or Australia direct to your special someone.

Ready to get started? Browse our range of Valentine’s Day cards here and find the one that suits your Valentine (or Valentines!) best.