Bichon Frisé Dog

by Jos Coufreur

Portrait of a Bichon Friseé Dog in vibrant colours. I paint a with large brushes and bold, loose brushstrokes. Send this card to the Bichon or dog lover. But really anyone would appreciate a fluffly dog card, including young children!


Price includes postage to the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe

About the Artist

Jos Coufreur

Jos Coufreur

I love to paint any subject in vibrant colours! I like to see people smile when they look at my art. 

I was born in Holland and my parents took me as a 6 month old baby to live in Australia. After 17 years they moved back to the Netherlands with us 5 children and there I enrolled in the Art Academy. After I married I took my young bride to live in NZ where we had 4 children. When the oldest moved to Western Australia and the other 3 followed him, we decided to make the move as well and haven't looked back. 

Art has been a constant in my life, my parents encouraged me from a young age. My art journey has taken me from photo realism to spontaneous realism. I hope you enjoy my vibrant greeting cards!

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