Change The Loo Roll!

by Jess Moorhouse Design

Does your partner find it IMPOSSIBLE to change the toilet roll once in a while? if so then this is the perfect card to send them this Valentine's Day! Designed by Jess Moorhouse. "I'd love you more if you'd change the loo roll once in a while".


Price includes postage to the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe

About the Artist

Jess Moorhouse Design

Jess Moorhouse Design

Jess Moorhouse

Hello Lovely!

Im Jess, An illustrator based in West Yorkshire, England.

There's nothing I love more than sitting down with a coffee and creating new and exciting artwork.

I've spent many years designing Greetings Cards for high-street brands and thought it was about time I started making some fun things with my name on them instead!

My style is bright and playful. I try to inject humour into all my art so it can be loved by young and old!

I really hope you like what I do.

Have a great day !


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