Waiting For The Tide To Change

by Damian's Art

The graphite drawing shows a young woman in a figurative pose leaning in from the left hand side of the paper. Her body and is side facing although only the arms are seen within the frame of the drawing, and her head is also positioned side profile although it has a slight forward facing tilt to it. She has long dark hair that is swept to the far side of her face creating a backdrop to her side profile face. Her arm in the foreground is positioned as though it almost frames ninety degrees in line with the border of the paper and her far arm is bent more acutely with her hand reaching up towards her face. The woman has two thin horns extending out from her forehead. The background has been left as the white of the paper with the highlights in the hair and on the skin creating a visual link between the background and foreground of the subject.

Loss is hard to process and sometimes it feels like the best thing for it is to find a safe space where you can just wait, relfect and let the feelings wash over you. The flow and tempo of life will change perspective over time, and time can not be hurried or slowed down.

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About the Artist

Damian's Art

Damians ART features the art work of Brisbane Illustrator Artist Damian Smith - “My creativity is built on a love of comic books, fantasy and surrealism and across all of these genres I present a strong focus on nature. I believe these influences have helped to shape the style reflected in my Illustration and fine art work today.” The range of cards vary between scientific illustrations with an Australian theme, while other designs are from original oil paintings or pencil drawings.

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