Friends TV Show - Christmas Card

by Bonne Nouvelle

Monica, Monica… have a Happy Hanukkah! Saw Santa Claus, he said hello to Ross. And please tell Joey Christmas will be snowy! Rachel & Chandler… hadahadahandlerrrr! The perfect Chrristmas (or Hannukkah) card for your favourite FRIENDS fan!  Featuring the lyrics from Phoebe's holiday song featured on the iconic 90s TV show.


Price includes postage to the US, UK, Australia and Europe

About the Artist

Bonne Nouvelle

Bonne Nouvelle

Adele Marie Ball

Bonne Nouvelle is a small, independent paper goods company specialising in pop culture greeting cards. Inspired by trends, humour & pop culture icons, we hand illustrate all our cards in our home studio in Nottingham, UK.  Founded by designer Adele Marie Ball, Bonne Nouvelle started as a side project and exploration into her love of graphic design & illustration.  Originally from Canada,  Adele has spent time living in Italy and France and eventually moved to the UK in 2014 to study Furniture & Product Design.  After several years working in the furniture industry, she’s taken on Bonne Nouvelle as her full time gig and is loving being able to make people smile with her on-trend & quirky creations.

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