Fall Over

by Belly Flops Design

At what age does it go from being funny to serious when you either fall over or "have a fall"? Wish them a happy birthday with this falling over card to either let them know they are old / or still yoing! 

$4.95 USD

Price includes free postage to the US, UK, Canada, Australia and most of Europe.

Price includes

  • Free postage within Australia, Canada, the UK, US & most of Europe.
  • A real stamp affixed to a beautiful kraft envelope.
  • The recipient's address written in the same style as the writing in your card.

Card Details

  • Card size: 125 x 175mm / 5 x 7″
  • Printed on environmentally friendly 320gsm, uncoated card stock.
  • Stock may vary by region and availability.

About the Artist

Belly Flops Design

Cheryl Reeves

Hello, I’m Cherry! I love to draw stuff  and drink tea! I'm based in Manchester, UK but I want to see the world! When I was little I used to make cards from cut out bits of paper and other craft junk which has now progressed to my BellyFlops Designs.

I get ideas from things I see and hear in every day life, or sometimes I just want to send a card I can’t find in the shops. Most of all I just hope my cards make you happy and smile! Thanks for looking at my page!

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