What to Write in a Wedding Card

What to Write in a Wedding Card

Weddings are amongst the most significant and memorable occasions in our lives. Celebrating a wedding with loved ones, friends, and family offers a unique opportunity to send a message of support to the happy couple. Sending a wedding card with a personal note inside is a simple and easy way to offer your best wishes, excitement and encouragement. Sometimes, knowing what to write inside the card is less straightforward.

Cardly is here to help; we've prepared this guide to help inspire you, and we have a huge collection of wedding cards ready for you to customise and send anywhere in the world.

As you write your meaningful message to the bride and groom, it's essential to consider your relationship with one or both of them. Your note should be personalised, heartfelt and kind. Feel at liberty to make mention of fond memories and offer compliments. If you know one of the two better than the other, writing a warm welcome to the family or circle of friends can mean a lot. Remember to write from the heart and take the opportunity to let people know how special their wedding occasion is to you.

Writing a Great Wedding Card

When you’re writing your wedding card – whether it be a thankyou for being invited to the wedding or an early congratulations in an engagement card, there’s a few key ideas to keep in mind.

Address your wedding card to the couple as a pair – it’s likely to be read by both of them, so you should ensure you congratulate both!

Make sure you spell their names correctly – they’ll absolutely notice if you don’t.

Keep it short and sweet – as much as you may want to write a novel, if you have a lot to say it’s difficult to fit it all in the space of a standard wedding card.

Plan ahead and write a draft – then you can say what you mean the way you want to say it, without feeling rushed.

Keep it real and make it sound like you – Most couples keep their wedding cards for years to come as mementos, so make sure it sounds like it’s come from you.

Friend of the Bride

Friends with the bride? You'll likely have insight into the dizzying excitement, meticulous detail and copious amounts of hairspray that have made the day possible. Your support and encouragement will mean the world as your friend makes the ultimate commitment. Childhood memories, kind words of advice and compliments are all great inclusions.

In addition, don't discount the power of humour! 

  • You look so beautiful! <name> is perfect for you. All the best wishes I can give are yours today.
  • When we talked about who you'd marry someday, I never dreamed you'd find someone who loves you and cares so much for you as <name> does. All my love and support today and always.  
  • On the occasion of your wedding, I couldn't be more proud of the woman you've become.
  • So, you're marrying <name>. I think it's safe to say that your future kids' genetic deck is stacked between the two of you! So happy for you, <name>!
  • While the results of my detailed investigation into <name>'s background is forthcoming, I'm happy to give him the 'tick of approval' anyway. I'm delighted for you both!
  • Thank you for being such a dear friend to me. My heart is so full knowing that you have each other.

Friend of the Groom

If you're a friend of the groom, you're in luck. Something that will make him and his partner smile or have a chuckle is excellent, especially if it's an appropriate inside joke! Consider your shared interests, memories and adventures together as you write. Depending on your relationship with the couple, you may have a treasure trove of options. If you choose to use humour, avoid being offensive or deprecating; show some restraint. It is his wedding, after all. Be sure to be inclusive and congratulate both the bride and groom.

  • So grateful to call you my friend and be here for you today; all the best to you both!
  • Thank you for being such a great friend to me. I'm excited to see the life you and <name> build together.
  • Congratulations mate! Not to worry, we've got an extra seat in the big rig for <name>. Congratulations guys!
  • Well done! You've finally accomplished something worth mentioning. So happy for you and <name>.
  • They say there is plenty of fish in the sea, but the catch you just reeled in is out of your league. Congratulations!
  • Technically, your wedding only counts as one achievement. In light of that fact, a single congratulation to you and your lovely wife!

Wedding Wishes in Close Relationships

If you're a close friend of the bride, groom or couple, you likely have many memories to draw on for inspiration. Ponder on the good times you've shared with them, a funny or relevant story to remind them of, or keep it simple and write something from the heart. A personal message from a dear friend is a precious gift to a couple for their wedding, especially if you cannot be present for the event.

  • Congratulations to my dearest friends on your wedding day! I consider it a blessing to have you both in my life, and to celebrate with you today is a privilege.
  • Everything about this is exciting, and I'm over the moon for you two. Congratulations on your wedding and your love for each other.
  • When we were kids, we talked about what this day would be like. Even then, I had no idea just how wonderful it would be. Congratulations!
  • I feel so honoured to be invited to share in your wedding today; may you always find happiness in each other for all the days ahead.
  • <name> and I couldn't be happier for you and are so thankful we get to call you our friends. We look forward to sharing the journey with you!
  • Just the thought of this day makes me smile; I'm so happy for you, <name>, and the warmest welcome to the family, <name>!

Wedding Party Members

If you have been asked to serve as a wedding party member, you're a vital part of the festivities and a special friend. You may even be a family member. In your wedding card, you might consider thanking them for the privilege to be amongst their inner circle, sharing your thoughtful advice or offering your ongoing support to the couple. A well-considered message in a card from a groomsman or bridesmaid can be a treasured keepsake for life. Being a close friend, you have a unique opportunity to bring lightness and joy to the couple as they begin their life together.

  • Standing by you today is a distinct honour, and I'm so grateful to be your groomsman and friend. Cheers to you on your wedding and for many years to come.
  • To be asked to be a bridesmaid is such a precious chance to see you into the next chapter of your lives. I consider myself so lucky to be your friend.
  • Oh, the memories! There are so many moments from today that will live forever in my mind. I'm so pleased to have shared them with you.
  • Thank you for being a brother and a rock for me; to be alongside you and <name> today is the best feeling.

Weddings Cards for Workmates & Colleagues

When writing a note to a colleague or workmate, consider your relationship with your co-worker. Are you their peer, employee, or employer? It's essential to maintain an adequate level of professionalism when there are existing working relationships. Weddings are a joyous occasion, so don't hesitate to congratulate, wish well and offer sincere support for your colleague on their big day. If you happen to work with both the bride and groom, you may see fit to season your note with allusions to your working relationship; do so wisely!

  • Congratulations! I hope you brighten each other's lives the same way you do the office.
  • What an occasion! Congratulations to you and <name>!
  • I am excited to celebrate a great day with a great person! So happy for you and your exciting new family of two. All the best.
  • We always joked about ditching the office for the beach; you and <name> will have to tell me what it's like! Congratulations!
  • Of all the reasons to play hooky, this is one of the best! Have some fun, you two, and congratulations.
  • Vacation leave approved; you and your bride are set to start your life together in style. Congratulations, and thank you for all you bring to our team.

Sending Wedding Cards From Afar

Travelling to be part of a wedding or driving across the country isn't always feasible or affordable. It can feel hard to express your support and thoughts towards the couple from a distance, but even cards from far away can warm the heart. Sharing your wish to be there with them or poking fun at your absence are options.

  • Though I can't be there for this special day, my thoughts are with you as you start your life together.
  • I'd give you both a hug and a run for your money on the dance floor if I were there. Congratulations!
  • I'm cheering you on from home here in <country>. I'm thrilled for you and wish you the brightest future.
  • Massive congratulations from all of us here in Spain. We can hardly to wait to meet you, Hector!
  • I can't be there for your wedding, but I suppose that means there'll be some champagne for other people to drink. You're welcome!
  • While we couldn't make the wedding, we look forward to seeing you on the honeymoon! Jokes! Have a great time!
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Wedding Wishes for Acquaintances and Peers

There's no need to over-do your message if you know the couple but haven't known them for very long or very well. It's acceptable and pleasant to write a kind, thoughtful and complimentary note that makes the couple happy. Don't overthink it or pen a novella; keep it short and sweet.

  • I'm so excited for you; congratulations on your wedding!
  • You both look incredible today; may you always be this close and happy together.
  • It's so special for me to celebrate this momentous day with you both; congratulations!
  • Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your marriage celebration; all the best in your new adventure. 
  • It's easy to see that you two are meant to be together; congratulations on your wedding.
  • Cheers to a great life ahead; so happy for you both!

We hope you've found something here that sparks your creativity! If you have something in mind to write inside your wedding card, why not try sending it with Cardly? Our massive library of card designs is ready for you to customise with your message and ship all over the globe. We're ready when you are!