Send Dozens of Cards Quickly

Send Dozens of Cards Quickly
There's many occasions where we might need to send the same or similar messages to many people at once - thank you cards for attending a wedding, Christmas wishes to friends and family, or congratulations to a team for a job well done. Creating a highly personalised greeting card can take time, especially to get the right wording and layout  - but we've helped make this a little easier.

Writing the Perfect Message... A Lot

Once you've created your first perfect, personalised card, you the ability to copy a card in its entirety as a starting point for your next one. This still lets you tailor each card to each recipient and personalise your message further with thoughts for them alone, or take out bits that might not apply. You can even change writing style and size so it's bigger and easier for grandma to read, or add some slightly more colourful doodles because you know your best friend will really appreciate them!

You may also decide to keep your message the same in its entirety and simply send the same wording for a number of people - the choice is entirely yours! This is especially helpful when thanking attendees at events or expressing interest in a product where you might not have managed to meet each and every person individually.

Write Smarter, Not More

While your first card may have taken 20 minutes (or more!) to write, each one after this could take you less than a minute to make a tailored copy for someone else. This whole process is a little like copy and pasting your message, yet much better as you'll keep the same styling, doodles and layout that was used in the original card. What may have taken you many minutes to design each card gets cut down considerably, meaning you get more done quicker, with less errors. You can easily send many thank you cards in a few minutes, or Christmas cards to all your friends and family in virtually no time at all!

We added the copy card feature last Christmas by popular demand and customers have raved about how much time it's saved them ever since. They get the same beautiful, unique designs and high quality product that people love about Cardly, but in way less time!

As with everything we do, we want Cardly to be better than the traditional greeting card industry. Better for you, better for artists - and importantly, better for the environment. Saving time by allowing you to copy cards to send to many people is just one way we're making things better and easier - don't forget all of the cramps you'll be saving your hand from too!

I was recommended this site. There is a great selection of cards, fonts doodles etc. I will be recommending this site to many others as it is also very well priced. I can't wait for the recipient to receive her card. Thank you Cardly!
- Chrissy, New Zealand

Sending To Multiple People Easily

So how do you actually take advantage of this handy feature? It's really simple!

Start off by finding the design you'd like to send - this doesn't need to be the same for every card, even if you're copying them, but we need to start somewhere! Once you've found the right design, click on the Write in Card button to open our powerful card editor. Pick your handwriting style, pen colour and write away to create the perfect message as your starting point. Feel free to add in some doodles or messages from other people in extra text boxes if needed to create a brilliant layout.

Once you're happy with your design, click on Let's Send It, fill in the details of your first lucky recipient and select when you want it to arrive if you don't want to send right away. This is perfect for scheduling cards to arrive nearer to Christmas or other seasonal events if you're the super organised type!
Once you've added this first card to your cart and you're on the checkout page, hover over or tap Actions on the first card, then select Copy. We'll take you back into the editor with a new version of the selected card with all of your messages, styling and doodles already applied. From there, you can tweak the message as needed for your next recipient, then click on Let's Send It and repeat the process.

At this stage you can also change your artwork by clicking the Back to Site button, finding the new artwork you'd like to use and again, clicking on Write in Card. The inside of your card will still be there, however you'll see the updated artwork instead.

You can repeat this process as many times as you need and we've seen people send dozens of cards in minutes using the copy card feature.

Best of all? You can log in to your Cardly account, find your past orders and copy cards from these too. We absolutely won't tell anyone if your Christmas cards for this year look really similar to last years!

For Our Business Users...

If you're a business owner, marketing or HR manager (or anyone else!) looking to send cards, postcards or letters at scale, Cardly offers a suite of additional features to make this easy. This includes the ability to upload a spreadsheet of recipients or link your CRM to Cardly via our Zapier integration.

We can help you send hundreds or thousands of cards in minutes, or regularly send automated cards to leads, customers or employees for any reason you can think of. Whether it's lead generation and followups, new product releases, Christmas cards to thank your existing customers for the year that was or birthday cards to your team, we're absolutely able to help you out.

To get started, please create a free business account by requesting a sample here and if you'd like to discuss your project or idea, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

Fabulous site for cards; brilliant choices for cards by independent artists with the ability to choose/add fonts/colours and images etc., easy site to navigate and user friendly. This is now my favourite online site for cards/gifts. Highly Recommend!
- Elizabeth-Jane, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use the same message with a different design?

    Absolutely! When you copy a card, you can still make changes to it. This includes changing any of the wording inside and even changing the design.

    To change the design, copy your card and then click Back to Site when you're in the editor. Find the new design you'd like to use and click Write in Card.

    Please note: If you're changing between sizes - for example, a portrait to a landscape card - you may need to tweak your layout once you've changed your design!

  • I am sending a bunch of cards. Can I get a discount?

    Cardly offers discounts via pre-purchased credit packs. You can add 10 cards and get a 10% discount or 25 cards and get a 15% discount. Please note that credits need to be used within 12 months, after which unused credits will expire.

    If your credits do expire, we're more than happy to re-instate them if you email with your account details.

  • Do you have many designs to choose from?

    We have a lot of unique designs for you to choose from - there's currently more than 8,000 amazing designs from our community of artists on Cardly. This includes more than 2,000 birthday cards and over 800 Christmas and Holiday cards. You'll also find that since we curate our cards by hand, we ensure that there's a diverse selection of styles available so you'll be absolutely spoilt for choice.

  • Can I upload a photo for my Christmas cards?

    Absolutely! Cardly allows you to upload your own photo to the front of any card. So you could easily upload a family Christmas photo to the front of your card and use this to send it to one or many people.

  • When do I need to send my Christmas cards?

    You can schedule cards for any future date - so you can schedule cards at any time to arrive when you want in December. Should you not wish to schedule your cards in advance, we recommend all orders are placed by December 14 to ensure they arrive before December 25.