Send Birthday Cards to Your Team

Each day hundreds of people use Cardly to send birthday cards to their loved ones no matter where they might be around the world. We love helping people stay connected in a meaningful and personal way with our unique greeting cards and local printing for fast delivery. We're also really excited to be able to help businesses celebrate their employees with customised birthday card campaigns, delivering personalised birthday messages to team members anywhere in the world.

With more teams working remotely than ever before and companies looking to leverage a global recruitment pool, staying connected can be challenging even at the best of times. Utilising a contact database within your business portal, you can create and maintain a centralised list of your employees and their birthdays securely and have cards automatically built and sent at the right time throughout the year. Setting this up is a breeze and takes very little time, however the impact of receiving a personalised card on a birthday, work anniversary or to congratulate a team for a job well done can be enormous.

If you’re looking to help bring your team closer together, get started by requesting a free sample from our business page. We’ll guide you through the rest of the steps below!

Flexible Artwork Options

Creating a great employee birthday card campaign starts with amazing artwork. Cardly supports multiple ways of finding artwork, from creating your own unique, on-brand imagery to selecting from our vast range of incredible independent artist designs, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect image. Best of all, you can switch between these options at any time or use a combination of them for different purposes!

Upload Custom Designs
Truly personalise your birthday or anniversary campaign by uploading your own design, tailored exactly to your company’s design. Full requirements for artwork can be downloaded from your portal and provided to your designers to create something unique to you.

Use Royalty-Free Artwork
Cardly provides business customers with a range of royalty-free card designs to help keep your campaign costs down. Simply browse the range, add your preferred artwork to your library and you’re good to go.

Amazing, Independent Artist Designs
Finally, our full range of community generated content from our talented artists is available for use as well. These are slightly more expensive than providing your own artwork as we need to pay our artists for their amazing work – but if you find a design you love, it’s more than worth it!

Craft the Perfect Message

With your designs in hand, now you get to have some real fun creating the right message. Jump in to the Cardly template builder and write the perfect birthday message – even include multiple messages with unique styles from different team members if it suits!

Our template builder is an amazing, flexible tool that will let you create a highly personalised design unique to your company and purpose. Select the right style, colour and size, add messages from different people in their own unique styles and pick how messy you want your handwriting to be. Sprinkle in a few doodles in - and maybe a custom signature - and you’ll have an amazing design that’s yours and yours alone.

The true power in templates, however, comes from including variable fields to help truly personalise messages to individual recipients. Add variables for someone’s first name, department, years employed or anything else you might need. When we build individual cards we’ll merge your recipient’s details into the right spots, using the same writing style as the rest of the text around it create the perfect, individual message.

From one template you can then send hundreds or thousands of cards and we’ll handle all of the layout, data management and postage for you. Imagine the number of hours and hand cramps you’ll save!

I found the whole process with Cardly so easy to choose a card, to personalise the message, to include our logo on the back to send to each of them and know they would receive a personalised "handwritten" card within days. The messages back from the team after receiving the cards have been so humbling. I strongly recommend Cardly & the "personal experience" and touchpoints they provide!
- Emma Lo Russo, Digivizer

Upload Contacts & Automate Your Sends

Finally, another powerful feature to help simplify management of your birthday card campaign is Cardly’s contact lists. With contact lists you can create a centralised store of information to merge with your template and we’ll use this to automatically send out birthday cards at the right time.

Better yet, one contact list can help manage multiple different campaigns – send birthday wishes and work anniversary notes with the same list! On top of this we’ve also designed contact lists to help simplify removing old contacts and adding new ones – we get people move on and fresh faces join teams all the time. Simply upload your new contact data over the top of your old contact list and we’ll take care of the rest!

Finally, automation rules can help drive real power in your campaigns – ensure no work anniversary gets the same card two years in a row by setting up different rules for different years. Send an amazing floral design for a first anniversary, then that awesome bear card for year two!

Let's Get Started!

We’re looking forward to helping you keep connected with your team for their birthdays throughout the year, no matter where they might be in the world. We dispatch daily from Australia, the United States, United Kingdom and Canada to more than 50 countries and we’ll make sure each card is scheduled to be created and sent to arrive on time.

If you’re ready to get started, head on over to our business page and request your free sample. We’ll create your personalised business portal and you can create your first incredible campaign right away!

Cardly effortlessly sends birthday cards out to our company’s employees, without us having to lift a finger. No more handwritten cards, or setting reminders to make sure a card gets out into the mail on time. This is exactly what we were looking for and Cardly makes it all possible. Patrick from Cardly has made this transition very seamlessly!
- Marissa D'Arpino, Yankee Leisure Group
  • Where do you post to?

    We print and post locally in four countries: Australia, the United States, United Kingdom and Canada every business day. We also send to a further 50+ countries around these, including most of Europe. For more details, please see the full country list here.

    • For cards sent to Australia, New Zealand and the Asia/Pacific region, we print and post from Brisbane, Australia.
    • Cards sent to the United Kingdom and Europe will be sent from Kent in the UK.
    • US recipients will have cards produced and posted from Michigan in the US.
    • Finally, cards bound for Canada will be sent locally from Toronto, Canada.
  • Can I use my own artwork?

    Absolutely! With a Cardly business account you'll be able to upload your own custom artwork, add your own logo to the back of your cards or customise all four panels if desired so it looks exactly as you intend. Full specifications for artwork requirements can be downloaded within your business portals and provided to your designers as needed.

    If you don't have your own artwork, that's no problem too! We offer a selection of royalty free artwork, or you can select from our full range of premium artwork produced by our amazing community of independent artists. Please note that using premium artwork costs slightly more so we can pay the artists for their incredible work - but we're sure it's worth it if you fall in love with a design!

  • How much does it cost?

    Business customers can access discounts of up to 50% compared to our standard pricing by pre-purchasing credits. Credits last for 12 months and one credit equals one standard card sent via regular mail.

    Please note that premium artwork and express post (where available) cost additional credits where you choose to use these features.

  • Do I need to have separate contact lists to send work anniversary cards?

    Not at all! If you have a master contact list with birthdays and work start dates, you’ll be able to trigger birthday cards and work anniversary cards from the two different dates.

    Our automation rules allow you to trigger a card to arrive a certain number of days after or before a date. You could easily create a campaign for someone’s first year anniversary and use an entirely different design and message for their second anniversary if you desire.

    Please contact us if you’d like a demo on how to use contact lists!