Celebrating All Kinds Of Dads

Dads come in many forms, and this year our artists have made an effort to make Father's Day more inclusive than ever before. Regardless of whether he's your natural parent, stepped into the role after a tragedy or even if you have two dads, we've tried to provide a wider range of meaningful, funny and unique cards so you can tell the father figures in your life what the mean to you.

Not Just Our Dads!

We don't necessary celebrate just our natural dads on Father's Day - sometimes other have stepped into this role and mean the world to us too. From godparents to foster parents, friends and other family members, we can often find the strong, guiding presence of others powerful too. These people deserve to be thanked just as much for their love and commitment to our growth and guiding us through life.

Blended families are also becoming more common and the men who step into the role of stepfathers can love us just as much as our biological dads. Our stepdads should be reminded just how important they are to us on Father's Day too, especially if it's their first year in the role.

Our artists have prepared a number of beautiful and unique cards from our artist community that reflect this diverse group of wonderful people so you can let them know what they mean to you on Father's Day.

Don't Forget Granddad!

Sometimes our grandfathers can be just as influential as our fathers. Their lifetime of experience and gathered wisdom can give us guidance and reassurance through difficult times, help us weigh up hard decisions and show incredible pride in our accomplishments.

Granddads can sometimes also fill the roles of our dads too where they may no longer be in our lives due to poor health or unforeseen circumstances. To be a dad to two generations is something incredible to celebrate and be thankful for on Father's Day. No matter the situation, if granddad means something to you, let him know!

Two For One

What's better than having one dad? Having two! We don't assume that all families look the same and more children than ever are being raised by same-sex parents. They deserve all the love, respect, support and inclusion for occasions such as Father's Day as much as any other dad does. Regardless of where these dads fit into your life - they may be your own parents, or you might be celebrating a wonderful pair of fathers you know, our artists have come up with a range of beautiful, inclusive cards to help you tell them how amazing they are.

First Timers and Flying Solo Dads

Becoming a father for the first time is both exciting and daunting - but most wouldn't trade the experience for the world! A dad's first Father's Day should be a memorable experience, filled with hope and encouragement for the lifelong journey they have ahead of themselves. Sometimes we're not able to be there in person to celebrate with them, so sending a card to them can be a perfect reminder that we're thinking of them too on this day.

There's also the dads going it solo for a variety of reasons - where their partner may spend long periods away for work, family circumstances may have changed or perhaps tragedy struck early in a child's life. These dads need all the encouragement and support they can get for the incredibly difficult but ultimately rewarding job they've shouldered. Our thanks go out to these fathers and we're absolutely in awe of their commitment to their children in such a challenging role.

We've included a selection of cards below to help celebrate the solo and first time dads here and there's many more to be found from our amazing artist community - we're sure you'll find the perfect Father's Day card

From our Furbabies...

Today, families come in all shapes and sizes and not every dad is just a father to human children - dads to furbabies are just as important too! Let's face it though, they're not great at holding a pen or using a keyboard, so you'll probably have to help them write a card. There's plenty of Father's Day cards aimed at the pet-inclined and we're adding more all the time.

So, no matter what dad looks like in your life, we're confident you'll find something to help celebrate the wonderful fathers and grandfathers in your life. We're looking forward to helping you connect with dad on Father's Day with one of the many awesome designs from our talented artists. If there's anything you think our range is missing, please contact us and let us know!

I’m really impressed with Cardly's service. There are a range of beautiful cards to choose from and I will be continuing to use their service in the future as a very happy customer! 10/10!
- Megan