New Handwriting Improvements

New Handwriting Improvements

Handwriting is the most personal, and hence most sincere, form of written communication available. That is why Cardly makes handwriting such a big part of what we do. We constantly strive to combine personal mail with handwriting and doodles that are as close to real pen on paper as possible. Our latest enhancements have gotten closer than ever.

Post Senning, who advises business people on matters of decorum, was recently quoted in a Bloomberg article saying that “there are some situations where a letter is the best form of communication—one far superior to any digital alternative”. He also went on to say “a handwritten note is a really powerful tool and people underestimate the response to a handwritten thank-you note.” 

Physical Mail

It’s a simple fact that handwritten mail is more tactile and permanent compared to digital outreach, where texts and Instagram posts are quickly lost under newer ones. People often keep important handwritten letters and cards because they mean so much more. In contrast you don’t print out and save your WhatsApp and text messages, because the emotion is completely different. 

In the same way, businesses that send handwritten physical mail have a way of cutting through the clutter and getting attention that would be impossible with a text or email. In their 2022 email marketing statistics, Mailchimp reported that emails have a 22.71% open rate and a 2.91% click rate. In contrast, a handwritten piece of mail sent in a handwritten envelope with a real stamp has an open rate of 99%. This is because handwritten mail is rare, with the average American receiving just 10 pieces of handwritten mail per year. Similarly, Cardly sees response rates of 35% to client’s handwritten mail campaigns, which is 12 times more than the 2.91% click rate reported by Mailchimp.

More Realistic than Ever

Cardly’s proprietary handwriting technology emulates the inconsistency and nuance of real handwriting. People aren’t robots and we don’t write like them either. Your handwriting has lots of variation in the size, rotation and other subtle defects that make it uniquely yours. Similarly, the amount of pen pressure applied is also inconsistent and leads to subtle variation in color and ink application.  

The thing that shocked me the most was the writing actually looked handwritten. Just wanted to thank your company, I will use you again.
- Grace, Oct 22

Our latest update, released in late August, enhances the way we emulate that ink application and the overall effect looks indistinguishable from real handwriting. The feedback from our business users has been extremely positive and more businesses than ever are using Cardly to help improve loyalty, retention and referrals by creating impactful engagement with their recipients.

If you’d like to see a sample of our handwriting technology please request a sample here.