Helping Great Northern Brewing Co inspire their customers

Great Northern Brewing Co has launched a new campaign to encourage those Australians lucky enough to be emerging from lockdown to plan a camping trip to celebrate their newfound freedom.

‘The Great Return’, created by TLA Worldwide, launched over the weekend with a spot featuring real life friends, Wil Ridley and Ross Walker. They’ve lost their jobs as part of COVID-19, one has a baby on the way, the other has just returned from being locked down in London, and they need each other, and nature.

A campaign microsite 'The Great Return' shows the best fishing, off-road, swimming, and hiking spots, in addition to the best locations to buy a Great Northern beer. You can book campsites, recommend a favourite campsite or location, or (and this is where Cardly comes in) send a free and personalised physical postcard to inspire a friend to plan a trip.

Cardly lets a Great Northern user complete and send a physical postcard via Australia Post, and our unique handwriting-style technology lets you choose your handwriting style, as well as how neat/messy it should be. The hand-addressed style is applied to your message to your friend, their name and postal address, and also your return address.

Best of all, you can even upload a photo of your own, and our microsite will add the Great Northern campaign branding in a footer overlay.

It's been great to work with the team at Great Northern Brewing Company and their agency TLA Worldwide

If your business isn't ready to build a whole microsite just to allow your staff or your customers to send greeting cards or postcards, that's OK — we can get started with just a CSV or Excel file, create accounts for your team that include pre-loaded credit they can spend on sending cards to clients, or we can help build you a full co-branded website. But first you should get in touch to discuss your ideas!

The Great Return postcard site