Easy Corporate Christmas Cards

It’s that time of year again.

Christmas Cards are an amazing way to connect with your clients and customers but they can also be a logistical nightmare:

  • Finding a design that everyone agrees on;
  • Figuring out what to say and how, let alone personalising it;
  • Sorting out printing and postage;
  • And finally, getting people to write and sign in the cards! Yes, you can print generic messages, but there's nothing quite as special as getting a handwritten card. In fact, studies show that handwritten messages are rarer but more impactful than ever.

What if there was a way you could do all that, as easily as sending an email? We make sending Christmas cards simple.

Our technology allows you to send out beautiful cards with branding, personal signatures, and messages written to perfectly mimic handwriting, with just a few clicks.

“The ability to have everything completed online and for them to also post it made everything soooo simple.” - A & M Building

The Design Problem 

Finding the right design for your Christmas cards can be a challenge. Cardly helps in four brilliant ways:

  • Choose from over 400 ready-to-go designs from a community of independent artists; 
  • Select one of 30 templated Christmas designs and simply apply your corporate colours and branding; 
  • Have a Cardly graphic designer design a card for you; or 
  • You can upload your own design. Cardly allows you to control the entire look and feel of the card without the hassle of minimum order requirements.
“Our clients love their Cardly cards. We often get feedback relating to the beautiful artwork” - iTalk Travel

Figuring out what to say, and how

The end of year period is busy enough without the added challenge of organising staff to contribute towards client Christmas cards.

With Cardly you can template your messages. You create the perfect content and simply send Cardly a list of names and addresses and they’ll do the rest. You can literally send hundreds of highly personalised cards in minutes. 

In addition to making cards personal with personalised content, Cardly’s patented handwriting technology emulates the nuance and inconsistency of real human handwriting. So the messages will look handwritten too! 

You can even have the handwriting of your team members converted. So the key people in your organisation will be able to type in the cards in their own writing, and append it with personal signatures.

“People loved the cards and design. They thought it was very cool having all our workers sign it.” - Future Finance Group

Printing, Postage and The Environment

The final challenge with corporate Christmas cards is getting the cards and envelopes together and into the mail. 

Again, Cardly has this all sorted and will do that for you. Each Cardly card is put in a hand stamped envelope with your return address displayed.

All Christmas cards from Cardly are printed on FSC certified stock, printed to the highest standards, and posted the same day from Sydney. And for the environmentally conscious, Cardly has a plant-a-tree program, that you can choose to support and have reflected on your cards too. 

Christmas 2019

Cardly is ready to help you send the most amazing personalised Christmas cards without any of the hassle. It is convenient, quick and very easy to use. With Cardly’s help you can turn your idea into the perfect corporate Christmas cards and make a big impression. 

“Cardly were incredible to work with and I will 100% be using them again soon. Professional and highest quality I could hope for” - Livewire

Want to see for yourself? Click here and fill in your details, and you’ll receive a personalised card delivered straight to your office.