Create Personal Client Engagement

Create Personal Client Engagement

Showing your clients that you care about the milestones in their lives is a great way to make them feel valued and appreciated. In fact, whilst it can often take just a few  moments to write a heartfelt message and get it into the post, the impact it can have on client loyalty and satisfaction are enormous.

So why doesn’t every business do it?

Retain Customers & Drive Revenue

For a majority of businesses it costs far more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one - depending on your industry it can cost anywhere from 5 to 25 times more to acquire a new customer than to nurture and maintain existing relationships. Therefore it's vitally important to ensure the hard-fought customers you have acquired stay with you for as long as possible.

Most of the time businesses miss out on engaging their customers to drive retention in this way for one of two reasons;

  • They don't have the time or resources to do it well, or when they do, they're unable to make this a consistent process.
  • They don't appreciate the value of personally engaging with their customers in order to drive higher retention and customer satisfaction.

Cardly helps our business customers solve both these problems with our innovative and intuitive business solutions. Upload your bespoke, personalised artwork, craft your perfect message and send en masse to your entire customer database in a fraction of the time it would take an employee to write the same number of cards. Then, continue to reach out year after year or for special points in your sales cycle just as easily - and put all the time you save towards other critical business problems.

Save Time & Money

Traditionally, writing and signing a few hundred Christmas cards each year to thank customers for their support throughout the year would take hours. Or, the coordination required to get a few team members or executive personnel to sign cards on a regular basis for a birthday campaign typically means either late cards or a stalled and forgotten process very quickly.

Let's consider what's involved to send a Christmas card campaign to 400 customers without Cardly;

  • Assuming one employee is tasked with writing all these cards and is paid around $20/hr,
  • They need to print/purchase the cards and have them shipped to your office (or, let's face it right now - their home!),
  • They then need to write, insert, address and hand-stamp each of your 400 cards,
  • And then take some time to go post them all.

If they're able to write, insert and address cards at a rate of one per minute (which would be phenomenal if true!) and it takes two hours to source the cards, stamps and post them all, they've taken at least 9 hours out of their work week to make this happen! If your customer base was ten times this size you've lost over two weeks of productivity just writing cards! All of this also assumes no managers or executives want to sign all the cards too, which would be another nightmare entirely...

Using Cardly, however, everything can be done online and in under an hour - regardless of the number of cards you're sending. Upload your personalised artwork, create a template with the perfect message, or individual messages from multiple team members in their own styles. Drop in their signatures where needed (without bothering them!), then upload your list of recipients and send to potentially thousands of customers in a fraction of the time it would take you to do by hand.

Prior to using Cardly's services, we would get our assistants to handwrite each individual birthday, Christmas & settlement card for all of our client's. You can imagine the man hours that would go into this, not to mention the cost of printing & posting the cards ourselves. Since having Cardly to do all the legwork for us, we have saved so much time, money & tears in still making our clients feel so incredibly special by sending them these personalised cards every birthday, Christmas & settlement of a home loan with us! We could not imagine our business without Cardly and hope we never have to!
- Brooke Whyte - Future Finance

Customer Birthdays, Anniversaries & Special Occasions

One amazing way we're able to help with customer outreach and retention is by providing our business customers with the ability to schedule and regularly send to customers for birthday wishes or anniversary milestones - for example, property settlement anniversaries for real estate agents. All you need is an extract of your customer data with the relevant dates and then;

  • Upload or select the artwork you want to use from our library,
  • Create a contact list with the necessary fields,
  • Upload your contacts,
  • Then finally, set up an automation rule to trigger sends at the right time.

All of this can be done in minutes and your contacts can be managed by simply uploading new data to sync with your customer list as needed. You'll be able to create incredible, personal engagement and increase your retention rates without needing to constantly spend hours doing it, giving you more time to focus on other business tasks.

One-off mass sends such as a Christmas card campaign are even easier - just select your artwork, upload your contacts, review the proofs to make sure everything looks perfect - and you're done!

Customer Thanks & Schedule Customer Outreach

Another brilliant way of creating engagement and nurturing your customers and leads is to trigger sends for important milestones. Send a new customer a welcome card when you onboard them, thank a customer for a first or repeat purchase or re-engage contacts that are in danger of churning away.

Cardly makes this simple with our intuitive Zapier integration - connect your existing CRM or eCommerce platform via Zapier for these key milestones, select your artwork & the template to use and trigger cards as you need them, direct to customers. Send them a thankyou for their first purchase (maybe with a product shot as the front of the card!), or send a personalised offer to keep them coming back for more.

If you’re ready to get started, head on over to our business page and request your free sample. We’ll create your personalised business portal and you can create your first incredible campaign right away!

Cardly is a great solution for our business, it's important to us that we never forget a customer or colleague birthday, however with quite a large team and customer base this was previously a challenge and we worried about forgetting someone's birthday in the midst of our busy operations. Cardly gives us a solution where we visit the site fortnightly to order cards for upcoming birthdays. The option to upload our own signatures and the handwritten look of the cards gives a real personal touch that can sometimes be lost with typed cards.
- Sheree Jenman - Bluebird Care

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I put my logo on the cards?

    Absolutely! By default we will put your logo on the back of any card you send through your business portal. You can also upload custom artwork should you want the back of the card to be more bespoke or carry a personal message. Our cards are printed on the highest quality digital presses so you can upload full colour images and be confident that they'll look great.

  • What return address will appear on the envelope?

    Every envelope will have your own business address on them as the sender. When you set up your account we will ask for your mailing address and we'll save this against your account as your default return address. If you ever need to update the address you can do so from your organisation settings within your business portal.

  • Will I be able to see what the cards look like before they are sent?

    When you're sending with Cardly we'll provide a full proof of both the card and envelope before your cards are sent into production. This allows you to review how the cards will look and make any changes needed.

    It is also possible to review past orders from your order history.

    If you ever need help making your card design or template you can also contact our support team via live chat or email. Our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Do I need to have separate contact lists to send birthday or anniversary cards?

    Not at all! A contact list can include multiple dates against a contact. So you could have a birthday, a commencement date and a settlement date against a single contact and automatically trigger different types of cards, letters or postcards to be sent out based on these dates.

    Please contact us if you’d like a demo on how to use contact lists!

  • How can I nurture a client using Cardly?

    Using Zapier or Cardly’s contact list automation rules you can trigger a personalised card, letter or postcard to arrive a certain number of days before, after or on a particular date.

    This means you could easily send a welcome letter when they first become a client, a referral offer postcard 90 days later and a thankyou card on their first anniversary. Each piece of correspondence would be personalised and will appear handwritten from your business.