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    The easiest way to send personalized greeting cards, postcards or letters at scale.

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Create Meaningful Contact

Cardly helps you create personalised, meaningful engagement with customers, employees and prospects with our range of cards, letters and postcards.

Physical mail has an open rate over 90%, meaning your message is much more likely to be read compared to an email or traditional automated followup.

Our unique algorithm combines real handwriting samples and configurable templates to enable sending hundreds or thousands of individual, personalised messages in just minutes. Add in calls to action with QR codes or gift cards and drive measurable data into your sales and followup processes.

Measurable Engagement

Close the feedback loop on your physical mail campaigns. Create unique calls to action within your physical mail with our QR codes and gift card range. We'll tell you when your code was scanned or gift card was redeemed so you can follow up in real time and measure the success of your outreach.

  • Direct customers and prospects to feedback or followup information.
  • Get real-time notifications of scans and gift redemption.
  • Report easily on your outreach - see who scanned and when.

For more details on how we can help you improve your customer outreach, check out our case studies below or get in touch and our team will be happy to help!

From You or the Team

Craft the perfect message, whether it's from an individual manager or the entire team. Use our unique editor to create highly customised, personalised mail that looks like as many different people have written in it as you need.

We'll even help convert your handwriting so your cards match your unique style, then sign off with your signature so people know their card was definitely from you. All of this then goes into a beautiful kraft envelope with a handwritten address to create a truly personalised piece of mail.

  • Use as many writing styles as you need - one, ten or more!
  • Sign off with your own signature in a style that matches your writing.
  • Template your message to quickly and efficiently send hundreds of messages in no time at all.

Save Time & Money

No more trips to the post office, hours spent putting pen to paper - or forgetting about it entirely - not to mention saving on hand cramps!

We make it easy to send hundreds of handwritten greeting cards, postcards or letters in no time at all. Or use our Zapier or API integrations to regularly send messages to thank customers for orders, request feedback, or follow up a meeting.

  • Let our automation features do the heavy lifting - so your team can focus on your business!
  • Send bulk campaigns or regular outreach easily and schedule in advance as required.
  • Trigger cards to automatically go out for birthdays, anniversaries, or based on events from your CRM or eCommerce systems.

Engage Your Audience

Create meaningful, personalised engagement with customers, team members or prospects with handwritten mail. Measure and report on your success and take your business to a new level.

Build Engagement

Handwriting is more personal, mindful and effective than traditional email. Make it your new super power.

Create Recognition

Acknowledge birthdays and anniversaries or thank customers for purchases with personalised mail.

Save Time

Send hundreds of pieces of personalised correspondence in minutes, all without lifting a pen.

Stay On Brand

Send cards, letters or postcards that look just the way you want, enhancing your brand recognition.

Keep It Personal

Automatically tailor each message to your recipient and their unique relationship to your business.

Reach Globally

We print and post daily from the US, UK, Canada & Australia to over 50 countries world-wide.

Used by Hundreds of Amazing Companies...

Pricing Kept Simple

We believe in keeping things as simple as possible for our partners, including our pricing.

There's great savings available for regular senders and the price below is the price you'll pay, plus postage which varies based on the recipient's location.

1 - 49 cards
$ 3.95 AUD
per card
Save 31%
50 - 249 cards
$ 3.60 AUD
per card
Save 36%
250 - 499 cards
$ 3.30 AUD
per card
Save 40%
500 - 1999 cards
$ 3.00 AUD
per card
Save 43%
2000+ cards
$ 2.75 AUD
per card
Save 47%

All prices are inclusive of tax. Postage prices are for sends within your selected region.

If you're planning on sending more than 2,000 cards, contact us for a tailored quote.

What Our Customers Say

Saved so Much Time, Money & Tears

Prior to using Cardly's services, we would get our assistants to handwrite each individual birthday, Christmas & settlement card for all of our clients.

Since having Cardly to do all the legwork for us, we have saved so much time, money & tears in still making our clients feel so incredibly special by sending them these personalised cards!

We could not imagine our business without Cardly and hope we never have to!

Brooke Whyte
Future Finance

Incredibly Well Received

Our team was able to organise an initiative called "Cards of Appreciation", wherein Googlers could send physical cards to someone that provided them support or guidance during what was a difficult year.

Cardly was incredibly well received by the team, with individuals sending cards to colleagues, mentors, friends and family all around the world.

The Google Cloud Culture Club is grateful for Cardly providing the platform to deliver this thoughtful initiative, and look forward to continuing to use Cardly in future.

Karen Zhang
Google Cloud

Excellent Service & Great Support

We have recently been working with Cardly to produce and send birthday cards to our employees, they have provided us with excellence service and are always on hand whatever time of the day to help and support us.

With IT not being my strong point they even emailed bespoke tutorials to help me!

We have received great feedback from our employees too, thank you Cardly!

Louise Lawson-Hatch