Jesus It's The Holidays

by Offensive and Delightful


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About the Artist

Offensive and Delightful

Offensive and Delightful

Olga Krigman

Olga Krigman was born in Belarus and immigrated to the US when she was just 10. Growing up in Pasadena, and dreaming of New York, she ended up with a Graphic Design degree fromThe School of Visual Arts. After a lot of amazing clients such as 3M, Levi’s, AMC, Grand Central, Morgan Stanley, and numerous small companies, Olga gave up her career in design to start Offensive+Delightful Greeting Cards. It was all door to door and trade show to trade show… and now it’s 10 years since, and the company has grown a bit in that time. Carried in over 800 stores in the US and with distribution all around the world, O+D has brought laughs and profanity to many a birthday dinner. We hope you enjoy the line.

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